Universidade Estadual do Ceará

The UECE, The State University of Ceará, http://www.uece.br, is a reference in higher education and research in Brazil. It was created in 1973 with the objective of attending the needs of the Scientific and Technological development of the State of Ceará, with more than 25.000 students, nationally and internationally recognized, the activity of the university is developed in 5 centers and 7 faculties distributed in the state of Ceará. NPTEC was created on November/1995 to contribute with the technological-scientific development of the State of Ceara and neighboring States, bringing together academy, government and society. Its creation was motivated by the simultaneous surge of innovations from many different fields of knowledge like: technology, management, organizational, managerial impacting economies from both development and developing countries. To fulfill its mission of a efficient agent in the promotion of sustainable development, technology transfer, promotion of change, increase of productivity both in private and public sectors, NPTEC hold its principles of ethical action, social commitment with quality of life, transparency of actions processes and products. NPTEC is involved in Reserarch, development of Human Resources and Consulting.