Universidade de Fortaleza

The University of Fortaleza – UNIFOR (http://www.unifor.br) is located in Brazil´s Northeast, in the city of Fortaleza, a Brazilian coastal city with most sunny days throughout the year. Our university, one of Brazil´s top institution for education and scientific production, has been offering the best conditions for teaching and learning since 1973.

UNIFOR is installed on a campus of 720 thousand square meters, which houses a mega-structure with around 300 classrooms and more than 230 specialized laboratories. The campus is also comprised of auditoriums, video rooms, library, cohabitation center, medical care center, dental clinic, sports park, theater, cultural space, legal practice office, junior companies, university TV, And fundamental and diverse other nuclei of academic practice and research.

The highly qualified faculty of 1,200 professors, with more than 80% masters and doctors, is responsible for the supervision of hundreds of scientific, technological, artistic and cultural research projects. Interconnected by several high-speed Internet accesses, all the academic and administrative processes of the Institution are integrated, enabling the community to follow, in a single environment, didactic-pedagogical procedures, access advanced databases for research and use the resources of Distance learning. In addition, the Unifor campus offers free wi-fi internet coverage throughout.

The University has 4 scientific centers contemplating 31 undergraduate courses, 11 master's and 6 doctoral courses among them Applied Informatics and Collective Health. In order to support teaching and research, the university has application centers that assist in the practical training of students, applied research and interact with the society offering high quality services. Are they:

  • Integrated medical care center - NAMI
  • Nucleus of application in Information Technology - NATI
  • Nucleus of Legal Practices - NPJ
  • Integrated Communication Core - NIC

NATI and NAMI will participate directly in the implementation of the project, as well as researchers from the technological sciences and health sciences centers.

NATI Description

The Information Technology Application Center - NATI is an organ of the University of Fortaleza that aims to prospect and develop projects in the ICT area, seeking to serve internal and external partners, as clients, in an agile and innovative way, as well as an aid in the training of students in the area of Information Technology – IT. In this way, the NATI seeks the synergistic relationship between university, market and research promotion agencies, offering its infrastructure and expertise in the feasibility of this triad. NATI is the organ of UNIFOR responsible for the acquisition of projects of the Information Technology Law and is accredited by the Information Technology Area Committee (CATI) of the Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (MCTI). In order to achieve its objectives, NATI currently has approximately 80 direct employees in 7 different but closely related areas: management, project management, processes and quality, administrative, business development, support and laboratories, Research and innovation.

NAMI Description

The Nucleus of Integrated Medical Attention NAMI, of the University of Fortaleza, created in 1978, is a reference in the North and Northeast of Brazil for the quality and differential of medical care provided, including services of a secondary nature and, in some cases, even highly complex. In a structure of 14 thousand square meters, adapted and perfected since 2004, more than 300 thousand procedures are performed per year, benefiting about 25 thousand patients. Nami's services range from medical consultations, laboratory analysis and immunization to specialized services in diagnostic imaging, nursing, nutrition, psychology, physiotherapy, speech therapy, social work and occupational therapy. In addition, of course, several groups where they work on topics such as mental health, climacteric, stretching, follow-up to pregnant women, among others. The Center also counts on the Interdisciplinary Program of Nutrition for Eating Disorders and Obesity, which aims at a specialized care for the care of anorexia, bulimia, binge eating and obesity.