Universidad Politecnica De Madrid

UPM is the largest Spanish technological university, as well as a renowned European institution. With two recognitions as Campus of International Excellence, it is outstanding in its research activity together with its training of highly qualified professionals, competitive at an international level. UPM is an institution committed to the transfer of knowledge generated through its research structures to society. LifeSTech is a research, development and innovation group, part of UPM. Its activities are devoted to the design, development and evaluation of ICT based services and applications, for the creation and promotion of new ideas, methods and technological solutions throughout the value chain of e-Health and e-Inclusion related organizations. The main group skills include consultancy, design, development and evaluation of ICT, e-learning applications, Ambient Intelligence, Technological Architecture, Business Process Engineering, and System Development and Integration. LifeSTech has been involved since the beginning in the The Alliance for Internet of Things Innovation (AIOTI) launched and coordinated by the European Commission. LifeSTech contribution has focused on the WG5: Smart living environment for ageing well and on WG7: Wearables.