TECNALIA RESEARCH & INNOVATION is a private, independent, non-profit applied research centre of international excellence. Legally a Foundation, TECNALIA is the leading private and independent research and technology organisation in Spain and one of the largest in Europe, employing 1,419 people (164 PhDs) and with income of 110 Million € in 2012. The whole team at TECNALIA has one GOAL: to transform knowledge into GDP, meaning wealth to improve people’s quality of life by generating business opportunities for industry. TECNALIA is committed to generate major impacts in economic terms, by means of innovation and technological development, addressed by 7 business divisions, covering economic sectors of Energy, Industry, Transportation, Construction, Health and ICT-ESI. TECNALIA has been granted over 250 patents and promoted more than 30 spin-off companies. TECNALIA is a key agent in the ERA - European Research Area, holding position 20th in the 2012 European Research Ranking. TECNALIA actively participates in the governing bodies of several European Technology Platforms and partners in 377 FP7 projects, coordinating 81 of them. TECNALIA is a member of EARTO and of EUROTECH, linking together the most important research centres in Europe. TECNALIA Ventures is wholly owned subsidiary for the commercialisation of innovative technology-based results, turning innovative technology assets into new profitable and sustainable businesses and generating economic value for society. TECNALIA Ventures focuses on accelerating the development of disruptive technologies to transform them into investable business opportunities and managing the portfolio of TECNALIA spin-offs, currently integrated by a portfolio of 15 start-ups in a wide range of sectors. The University of the Basque Country (EHU/UPV), TECNALIA and Donostia International Physics Centre (DISC) are the founding members of Euskampus (2010, http://euskampus.ehu.es/), a project with attained the qualification of International Campus of Excellence from the Spanish Ministry of Education (2010). Euskampus partners with the PRES of the Universities of Bordeaux in the Euskampus-Bordeaux Transborder Campus. TECNALIA is an equal opportunity employer. Current ratio of female/male employees is 40/60. The current proposal will be carried out by the eServices Unit of the ICT/European Software Institute Division and Technology and Society Area of the Innovation Strategies Division. This unit is focused on creating richer content on any device, with natural and multisensorial interactions, with ubiquitous, mobile and personalized access in a more social and participatory context. The eServices unit contributes with technology to ensure that digital service providers get enthusiastic consumers through a unique experience: interaction systems human-machine, virtual and augmented reality, social platforms and front-ends for mobile services and automatic management of digital and audio-visual content. TECNALIA belongs to the Steering Board and as a member of the main EU Partnerships (PPPs, KETs, KICs, ETPs, EIPs, JTIs such as ECSEL, FoF, EEB, EGVI, SPIRE, 5G, KIC InnoEnergy …).