To promote the improvement of eating and physical disorders and also the prevention of the obesity onset for children (between 9 and 12 years old), the main objective of OCARIoT is to provide an IoT-based personalised coaching solution guiding children to adopt healthy eating and physical activity behaviour. The IoT network will allow us to observe child activity patterns of daily living, health evolution, physiological & behavioural parameters and environmental data. All this information combined with medical patterns will allows us to provide a customised obesity coaching plan while enabling children to remain active and engaged in their well-being and healthy habits management.

OCARIoT overall overview and related S&T Objectives

Considering this, the OCARIoT proposal will provide a digital health platform based on IoT concept to increase children’s health awareness and their healthy lifestyle in order to prevent further increases in obesity and reduce as much as possible the risk of related health problems. The proposed solution will be able to empower children (and also educational staff and families) in taking control of their health by collecting realtime information about nutrition and physical activity, and interconnecting doctors and children (including parents and tutors) in order to adapt the individual obesity coaching plan. The solution will also provide immediate feedback of efficacy of intervention and lifestyle changes while driving behavioural change of children for prevention and for better management of intervention compliance.

The OCARIoT platform will include localization, wearables, available IoT sensors in the market and social networking combined with a set of challenge games, which will allow children to customize, play, and share their own games, animations, interactive art, music videos, and many kinds of other contents, directly on their smartphone or tablet. OCARIoT will improve healthy lifestyle, problem solving and social skills in a secure and creative environment in an easy and funny way for children and adults. The project will also provide the context for small scale experiments; guaranteeing feasibility and scalability of the solution, where children will take care about themselves through games and application for improving education in healthy lifestyle and social inclusion. Our major intention is to make this ecosystem easily accessible to the general population in their daily environments such as school or home. Beyond the required scientific and technical efforts, the success of the proposed approach heavily depends on the adoption of our method from the community so a coequal objective is the identification and engagement of user groups and stakeholders and the adaptation of our methodology to them as much as possible.