Colegio Virgen de Europa

The Virgen de Europa College is an educational institution that has been operating for over sixty years. At themoment it has about 1200 students of all the ages from the 2 years until the 16, It is a school that gives muchimportance to the integral development of the person taking care of its values like primary reference of its model ofeducation. Where the practice of sports and creative activities is a key element of its educational model. Theparents actively participate in the direction of the school. It has no public funding ( ). The school is associated to the UNESCO world network of schools. It offers a high variety of curricular and extra curricular activities adjusted to the different levels of the students, in all areas: sports, cultural, linguistic, extraschool, musical, solidarity ...
It is a school that has long experience in the control of personal conflicts related to development, as well as in techniques for improving food quality. She has a background in which she has experience in the treatment of foodrelated pathologies such as anorexia and bulimia. The school's food is kept in the center and its energy charge is controlled by a nutritionist.